Saturday, 29 October 2011

I'll make you famous!!

 Shot DOWWNNNN in a blaze of GLORY.

Thursday night' roleplay was a little taster of the Weird West as Jon ran us through an intro game of Deadlands. I'd played before, quite some years ago, and always liked the setting. Couldn't remember how to play but then for me it's always about the role, not the roll!

With six pre-gen'd characters on offer the four of us who had made it were happy for fate to decide and I "became" Devlin Dewitt. He's a softpaw, greenhorn reporter from back east with no right to survive the Wierd West other than an impressive Danger Sense.

His strengths lie in investigation and with two of my companions being gun-nuts and the other a spell slinging card-shark I quickly assumed the mantle of spokesman.

This struck everyone as rather similar to my Halfling Thief. The fact that I then went on to try and strike any deal going, and several that weren't, whilst demonstrating the odd light finger merely served to reinforce the feeling. The fact that I plan on never engaging in a fair fight if I can help it probably won't help.

The evening's scenario involved investigating a number the mysterious hangings of a number of local ranchers. Forcibly taken from their prairie homes they had been found hanging from THE OL' HANGING TREE a mile from town.

Robbery obviously wasn't a motive as nothing was taken, at least until I got there but that was mainly to find a more useful weapon with which to defend myself!

Heading back to town we were attacked in the middle of the night by THE OL' HANGING TREE itself! It wasn't alone though, having raised the recently hung as a posse of the undead.

My compatriot's heavy artillery made short work of them whilst THE OL' HANGING TREE lassoed the bar-keep making to hang him.

Against my better judgement I charge after him shotgunning the rope, burning through all mt re-roll chips in one go, and dragging him to safety where I then hid. Aforementioned artillery then went to work pruning back every branch in sight. Cue a grateful backwater hick town :)

A highly enjoyable evening. Deadlands is a setting that I like with a nice balance of Cthulu investigation and big guns / explosions. I look forward to next weeks session. It's also pay-day on Monday and those Malifaux figure would do awfully well :)

Cue Bon Jovi soundtrack!!

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