Friday, 7 October 2011


WANTED; for pie-o-cide!
FINALLY we got back to Star Wars RPG last night and finished off the current mission which had gone oh so wrong pretty much from the word go!

Killing the party has always been a gnarly old can-o-worms for many a DM that produces mixed reactions amongst players. Mr Christian, who's character spent the ENTIRE evening unconscious, made his feelings felt by putting my facebook photo through his lard-boy app. Best 69p he's ever spent apparently!

We all had a good laugh though, my motivation as a GM, and despite his obvious feelings it was never my INTENTION to kill off the party. I just wasn't going to give them an easy time if they gave the adventure the opportunity.

Picking up where we left off, running away in leaky spacesuits through a hard vacuum, it took a couple of crucial turns for the lads to get a plan together.

Said plan was to mag boot the rapidly increasing pile of unconscious bodies onto the 3 escapee cargo crates and send them down the rappel line back to the ship. The combat-suited Big-Bad continued with his hit and run tactics, popping out of cover to lay down some blaster fire before dodging back behind cover via thruster jets.

Big-Bad was expending his last few Force Points (dark and light) to do this, not that the lads knew how many he had, against their purely defensive tactics which coupled with a poor Perception roll after covering the wrong angle saw only Jon's Jedi and Ian's Scoundrel on their feet. The Jedi, ALWAYS the poxy Jedi to frustrate my plans!
Last Men Standing - but for how long!?
Except this time there was no Force Stun in the rush to get everyone away, with the last to walkers clinging on to the final crate as it flew along the rappel line. The group sigh of relief was audible, at least until Big-Bad went space-side after them. Why on earth wouldn't he!
Jon's Force Push bounced him back off the shuttle hull while Ian just shot him! Recovering, Big-Bad finished off Jon whilst closing on Ian at which point Ian's randomly pre-determined air supply finally exited his suit!

Passing the Constitution check Ian squeezed off another blast of laser fire just as all "cargo" reached their ship's external airlock. He missed! Big-Bad didn't. Lights out lads, have a nice sleep!!

So TOTAL PARTY KILL then! Not had one of those in quite some time, not sure I can remember the last one. Chatting it through it was a close run thing all the way through. Big-Bad had just 13 hit points on Ian's last shot, 3D8+4 damage, and back down in the hold they could have chased him down and finished him off but chose to regroup, a 50-50 call in all honesty.

More than anything was a lack of group tactics. Rule 1: NEVER split the party!!

Fading back from black each of the lads found themselves floating in a Bacta tank, many with new cybernetic bits and all with a shiny new bio-ware unit grafted into the center of their chests! A com-link cut in and an oriental voice welcomed them as new employees of  Hiyabusa Intergalactic Heavy Industries (HI-HI) outlining something of the nature of their new Healthcare Plan :)

Next time out it'll be time to live the meet the bosses, sing the company song and live the company motto; Service for a Lifetime. Seems like a good time to close a chapter and take a break!

Roleplay will see some bits and bobs until the new year and then it'll be back to D&D. It'll also give me the chance to be working on Zombie Village!!

BRAINS, BRAINS, who's got some BRAINS!!! ;)

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