Monday, 3 October 2011

Multi-stringed bow

Is that a harp then!??

I played football again this afternoon which is nothing new as Sunday afternoon footy has become a regular fixture, despite a jippy right knee and the fact that I haven't followed the game since I was at primary school.
Due to jippy knee I play at the back, in the center or on the left, and am, apparently, rather difficult to get around and don't mind a bit of shoulder action. I rarely get picked last anymore, which is nice.

I've been slowly getting more into it and have even picked up an older Fulham shirt, £10 from flea bay, due to their rep for hard defensive play. I've even been watching the odd half of a game during the post game pint of coke. This week we kicked off early to accommodate the Spurs / Arsenal game which I actually watched the majority of at home.

It was at least in the background whilst I did some STUFF, though I did catch all 3 goals, and watched the Wasps score live-fed on the laptop grind to a loss away to Newcastle! BAH!!!!

So in the vein of trying new things here's my Mordheim Boss and Shaman basecoated and washed. Rarely have I painted any greenskin so brightly but I'm very encouraged with my work to date. Still keen to add some pea-dot fauna!

Did I also mention that I'm also known on the pitch for my luminous yellow boots?? :)

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