Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Fungal Suspects

Flicking back through my rather dusty Orc & Goblin Armybook it would seem the GW has dropped the whole idea of greenskins growing under rocks. I like the grit that has been added to their "feel" but it seems a shame somehow. I was never the greatest fan of super-comedy greenskins but I'm sure a balance could be found. Each to their own though.

More to the point I've finished my multi-colour Kabuki inspires Mordheim warband. They've made a nice change for my the much darker look of the army and I've enjoyed expanding my normal O&G palette.
The Bash Trust. I've not gone for more detail on the Warboss' coat as he was already looking quite busy. Pretty much the same with the Big Un's. Some black Ogre style tatts were a possibility but it felt like it would just be a bit too much all around.
Still only henchmen but beautifully detailed figures for Goblin, as were all Confrontation figures. It's a shame that they don't / can't make them anymore but there you go!
With the whole warband I only added a few necessary GW bits and they've all blended in pretty well despite the odd swollen hand. Must be a fungal growth thing!
The Shaman and Squig-prodders add my necessary touch of alternative. I almost painted the bow pink but left that for the Shaman who as with the others I've kept simpler rather than busier.

Another 22 PPs and some of my most pleasing. Now I just need to weather their new painted status the next time they hit the tabletop :)

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