Monday, 31 October 2011

Big 'Ol Lumps

This is Gu-Ankh (Gonk), the latest addition to the Warband with No Name. Another stunning OOP Confrontation figure, he'll, hopefully fairly obviously,be representing my Troll.
I could have added a group of Orcs for the same price but they're still in the blister and one Stupidity check probably balances another four Animosity tests. More importantly there's always the unbridled joy of a vomit attack :)
Painted him a while ago, just had to re-base him!
Another big lump, I've built the Easykit Republic Gunship. Not so easy I have to admit, plenty of taping required to hold bits in place (as per instructions!). A little superglue helped out.

She's going to get a full re-paint to fit in with my Genetic Infantry. I love cold war Russian kit and one reason for the initial purchase was its similarity to a Mil Hind so that's where the paint scheme will be falling some point!
Meanwhile this is the big 'ol lump that I SHOULD be painting. Highly doubt that the army will get done for the New Year but we'll see where we get and the left overs can become a resolution.

Just 8 weeks to go..... I think!!!

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