Thursday, 27 October 2011

Tooth and Claw plus a side order of Wings

Bit of classic the Orc Wyvern I've never disliked any of the figures over the years other than maybe the posing of the current Azhag. Never as cool, or as much table-power, as a dragon but not bad for a race that grow under rocks!

I've gone for what I see as a more "realistic" / less cartoon paint scheme keeping with the slightly darker look to the larger army and units painted so far. A fairly basic warlord but I used the main bits of the original rider to make a more impressive warlord on boar. He'll be along later!

 Drybrush and washes have done pretty well to be honest. 5 PPs is a fair result. Next up is a block of 30 boyz..... deep JOY!! ;)

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