Friday, 30 September 2011

Crack the WIP!!

I've realised that I've barely been updating the WIP page much, if it all, recently and briefly thought that I might delete but have instead decided to self-enforce a bi-weekly post, on a Sunday when possible.

Despite a bit of random lurgy this week I've managed a decent-ish amount of work on the Mordheim warband. Progress has been deliberately slow and steady whilst I work the final colour combinations to emulate my Kabuki / Samurai-esque aspirations.

Much like the Sci-Fi Triads I painted some time ago it'll be primarily yellow on blue with red and white for accents and smaller details. Everyone gets white hair and "stone" furs.
Just the main man has seen much attention from the command section. His overcoat will be blue, with possible orange 3-dot flower detailing, whilst the padded plates will be yellow with bone/white splint pieces.
Should keep the yellow in check. Not sure about the back banner yet, that'll bringing up the rear!

Not much going on with the Big Uns just yet other than a few random thoughts about possible tatts. Dags and the like most probably, if at all.
Just skin, spear tips and red bows for the Spear-bow-gits so far. I want to stear clear of metallic armour as much as possible and go for the lacquered look especially as game-wise they're unarmoured. Blue with yellow accents one feels.
A blue robe for the shaman, though this is likely to change as I feel the need to mark his status as "ghost-whisperer". A very light, ethereal blue seems right, possibly with some pink accents, maybe some more 3-dot flowers.
Just base blues for the squigs so far. Red-spot patterning along the spines most likely blending into the maws and flesh-tone bellys.

Elsewhere, my church windows have arrived so a bit more construction / detailing there and it's painting by spray-can and house-brush.

Otherwise it's payday and the weekend awaits...... rugby and painting!!!

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