Friday, 23 September 2011

Evil Empire(s)

Wanted in 3 countries for crime against Salsa!
No, for once that's not a reference to Games Workshop! ;)

With last night's planned Star Wars RPG session postponed six of us cracked out War on Terror for it's second outing. As expected play was much slicker with prior experience and a few more facets of the game surfaced as a a result.

With less territory for each of us to grab people actually developed their Empires with towns ad cities springing up all over. There was even some co-operation..... SOME!!

We were also less blase about deploying terrorist, for a while, though everyone quickly set up a training camp in a mutual threat sort of way!

With six players Oil Revenues, roll for at the end of each player's turn and effectively everyone, became significant and as such quickly focussed attentions to the  best producing territories and their exploitation.

Once the inevitable hostilities opened individual fortunes quickly mimicked the Greek stock market and many carefully expanded Empires shrank significantly. A big loser here was Charlie who had spread his initial deployment quite wide, unlike the rest of, and as such made a quick expansion early on.

Pushed to the brink and beyond Charlie was the first to turn terrorist quickly followed by myself as my two remaining cities were turned terrorist by Mr Christian's play of a certain game-card, to much exasperation by all! At that time I was cash and event card rich which paid for an American, North and South, Jihad securing a number of significant Oil Fields which quite literally poured more fuel upon the fire!

With events and time turning against the remaining Empire players they launched a combined War on Terror, going Nuclear than G-Dubya could ever dream before Global Peace was declared before the school-night hour became too advanced.

This game is rapidly becoming the best £25 I've spent in quite some time....... praise ALLAH!!!
Late night, poor lighting, shifty characters...GO!
Jon builds a Can-European Empire....EH!?
Black Gold, Texas T. Oil Revenue a go go!!
The NUKES rain down on the terrorist Americas!!

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