Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Winning UGLY

Mike's nose needs a little support!
 So England scraped an ugly win over Argentina on Saturday but, as with all professional sport, its the result that counts and topping the group, thus avoiding the All Blacks in the quarters, SHOULD be on the cards.
Wasps meanwhile turned on the style to take a deserved bonus point win from Leicester in a stunner of a game. A hat-trick from winger Christian Wade also sees me shooting up the Fantasy Rugby league.

Once again it's about the will to grind out a victory at all costs, primarily that of entertainment. Fan's might bemoan it but they all prefer it to a loss!

Wargames can be like that sometimes but if you've read a post or two of mine you know that I prefer entertainment.

Thankfully that's where this particular post makes its tangential turn towards a current painting project as I've based up the Black Orc regiment prior to highlights.

Well past the three colour minimum it's back to the old trade-off of time vs result which always seems more prevalent  with  ranked Warhammer regiments. Looking at the shots below the banner is an obvious priority 1 followed up by the musician's drum and the shield details of the Boss.

I COULD highlight the ork-hide, there's not even that much of it, but do I NEED to? I COULD just highlight the hide of the front rank! Who would ever notice? they're good enough as they are aren't they?? Nothing wrong with a "Table-top Paint-job" whatever we each define that as???

Previously I've always gone for the Full Monty but with a litteral army to follow and given my most finite resource, time, I find myself questioning the practice. So other than the obvious I'm going to just highlight heads and see how that works out as the majority is armour and I'm more than happy with the finish post-wash.

Winning UGLY??

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