Friday, 16 September 2011

On the Offensive

Dateline: Tuesday night..... Location: Enfield Gamers.....Engagement: Kings of War;

Second run out, this time with my Orcs. I found a bit more tactical depth, though I'm not sure there's any left, and worked a few things out. There are some nice simple mechanics, emphasis on simple, but you do just line up and, placing a big emphasis on deployment. Possibly somewhat abusable by those that do.

Overall I haven't changed my "window dressing" opinion. There's nothing offensive about them as a ruleset but also nothing to get excited about. Very vanilla but I'd still be prepared to have a go at the updated version....... at least once!
Inoffensive in extremis
Dateline: Thursday night..... Location: my place.....Engagement: War on Terror;

With Aaron still holidaying in the land of the 5-Oh a few of us had a first run out with War on Terror, a game which doesn't pull any punches and as a result is extremely entertaining to those with an actual sense of humour. Its also easy to pick up with plenty of game options.

World Domination is the name of the game through a number of options including sponsorship of terrorists to unleash on your enemies. As a first game this is what we concentrated on and quickly engaged in tit for tat hostilities..... much as expected!
Close to every knuckle you've got

Terrorist Africa

By sheer luck Charlie was the first of us to become EVIL and mad quick use of his access to the TERRORIST deck to lay some serious slap-down on the rest of us.

Given that we hadn't really bothered with building our EMPIREs, preferring to attack each other things soon deteriorated with terrorist cells popping up worldwide!

With my EMPIRE being rolled back on all fronts and rapidly approaching bankruptcy I did what any good tin-pot dictator would i.e. risked everything on one roll of the dice and upon its failure immediately turned terrorist, establishing Africa as an entire rogue continent :)

I was feeling quite smug and was thinking of which horribly non PC outrageous accent to adopt which, unsurprisingly, only invited disaster!

With World Peace rapidly approaching, otherwise known as home-time and an everyone's-a-winner draw, all the big hitter cards were played including BOTH of Rob's Nuclear Strikes. So good-bye to Charlie's nefariously evil South America and my newly established terrorist continent.

All good clean riotous fun :)
Rob blows up 1/3 of the known world

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