Saturday, 17 September 2011

The Green Ripple

No not a third-rate comic book character or a massively out of date chocolate bar but the first painted O&G unit, the Black Orcs.

Following on from Tuesday's post I've highlighted the obvious front rank details "properly". Otherwise all of the weapon-heads have had a drybrush highlight as have the bare faces. I'm more than happy with the result but feel the need to acknowledge this within the Painting Points.

1.5 points a piece seems fair as I've still done all the construction work, even if previously even balanced against block painting techniques. These lads just happen to be 75% armour. So that's 30 PPs on the sheet!
Meanwhile I've completed all the construction for my Mordhiem warband, all based on Rackham Confrontation figures that have been squirreled away for far too long.
The Boss and his two Big Un lieutenants. Given the oriental look of all the figures I'll going for a kabuki inspired paint scheme with plenty of savage-esque blue and white tattoos, especially for the Big Uns.
I only had a goblin shaman so he'll have to do the job. These two gobbos will be my squig herders one utilising music to soothe the savage beasts, the other a big pointy stick!
The squigs! Based on tuppences like the rest I just feel that skirmish figures look a lot better based that way. I was thinking of rainbowing them but will have blue as a base colour for all of them to tie them in to the rest of the warband.
And finally, but not least, the goblin archer-bowmen. Excellent figures, I've not added more GW parts than I've needed to. I've also got a number of fully armoured ninja goblins that will work well as Orc Boyz, should I actually recruit any!



  1. Are some of those Goblins from Rackham?

  2. Yep, I think they're some of the last models Rackham released before switching to PPP.