Thursday, 22 September 2011

Furry Dice??

Clean and simple all round I've finished the O&G Goblin Wolf Chariots and feel rather pleased with their finish as fast and brutal as the brushwork was, much like the chariots themselves, though nowhere near as fragile.

15 PPs for the "squadron" seems about right with the first Giant following close behind them.

Elsewhere a couple of the lads tried out Kings of War 2nd Edition at the club last night and reported back that other than tidying a few bits up and introducing meaningful scenery rules there weren't any major revelations.

The 2nd Ed rulebook does however contain a full set of army lists including the new Kingdom of Man which I had a browse through. Warlord's English Civil or Thirty Year Wars ranges would seem to be a good option there?

I played a run through game of Mordheim against Rich's Ninjas, using the Skaven list, with an unlikely number of critical wounds scored by my Goblin spearmen.

Post Giant they'll be getting some dedicated brush-time with a little more TLC applied.

Swing with CLUB!!  

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