Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The Spice of Life

Despite making great gains by sticking to the Hobby PLAN I've decided that I need a bit of a break form it as it's caused a touch of burnout.No big deal, the whole process has been somewhat organic and it's just time for me to acknowledge it.

So, to clarify, this is a strangely cathartic project update post :)

Zombie Village (current); has done pretty well this year with a good scenery set and plenty of protagonists. The church awaits some windows, which are finally on their way to me, and the French have gone no father than previously posted. These WILL be finished by the end of the year along with a few outstanding British.
To feature in my autumn / winter gaming.
Star Wars RPG (current); doesn't need any figures / scenery working on but simply takes up time & effort, all unbegrudged as it's highly enjoyable. The current story arc is coming to a conclusion an it'll be nice to be a player again. GM duties will be redirected towards Zombie Village.

Having said that whilst on Amazon the other day buying presents, something Pink for the girlie's B-Day and War on Terror for me (photo on the right) I came across this for £8. £8 vs £41 for a Valkyrie, no contest!

Mordheim Orcs (new); are at the construction stage as I hope to be running a wilderness-ish campaign at the club from October through to the end of the year. The fluff is in my head and just needs to be put onto paper. I also need to source some squigs and am currently begrudging GW's price of £3 a piece though I can feel the cave-in approaching.

There's a bit of over-lap here with Zombie Village as possible ruleset that I feel would cover the supernatural element rather well. We shall see.
Orcs & Goblins (new); as previously mentioned with a bit of Kings of War at the club, and now work started on a club-brew fantasy ruleset, I've dug these boys out of the case that they've languished in for so long. Repaired and primed I spent last night dry-brushing up a couple of units.

Even though they're earmarked for possible E-Baying I'm really looking forward to the process as painting an actual army is something that I haven't done in too long. Just the change of pace / focus that I need.

All of the above is making me feel a lot more positive about MY hobby. Variety and all that :)

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