Thursday, 24 March 2011

I'm Spartacus!

So far this year I've been a very good geek, studiously working through my dual project list and doing very well at resisting a host of shiny new releases..... TOO good.
"Red Sand, Blue Sky", 2 hour Wargames' gladiator rules, have recently arrived at the club to a fanfare of trumpets and the roar of a baying mob thinly disguised as a crowd.

Tuesday night saw the first round of Rich's excellently organised campaign with a particuarly enjoyable blind bid auction to purchase five fighters a piece to join our "designed" Ludus champions. Previously randomly generated there was a wide range of size, style and ability on offer. Bidding was fierce!!

Personally I'm sat as Frankus "War" Arnus (Frank Warren) of Ludus Arnus, ably lead by my personal champion Rickus Hattonius, a fast hard hiting Thraex hailing from the Britannic midlands. Tuesday saw his first win for the school, coming back hard to take down a huge Gaul after almost going down in the opening seconds.

Newly bought in are the following meat-bags:

Andreas the Germanic Secutor. What he lacks in speed and strength he makes up with in sword skill. A one-strike wonder who needs to be.

Caleb the Judean Secutor. Reliant on strength rather than skill, his brawler signature sees him as the bludgeon to to Andreas' blade.

Estaban the Hispanic Retarius is the balanced all rounder of the school. Using his net early will let him use his speed to his advantage.

Mehmet the Galatian Hoplomachus was a little on the slow side but came through the school's first bout to victory. After taking a number of cuts he killed his opponent with a single spear thrust through the chest, the adualtion of the crowd gifting his first advance and the confidence to move with a liitle more speed.

Tarbus the Dacian Secutor was a skilled fighter but his weaker frame betrayed him as his first bout saw him catch a fatal sword to the chest! An inglorious death, he will be quickly forgotten.

So that's a dozen figures on there way from Crusader to provide what will be a welcome diversion. More than I need for the moment but I wouldn't want to go short!

Meanwhile, Frankus is off down to the local slave market to "recruit" Tarbus's replacement. Should you wish to follow the campaign's exploits feel free to follow the blog here.

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