Thursday, 31 March 2011

The Odes of Frankus "War" Arnus - Prt I

"So the first of the year' events at Verulanium took place the other day and the weather stayed fair to bring out a healthy crowds of plebians.

Arriving early I flashed the cash at the slave market picking up another three prospects. Well, you've got to speculate to accumulate according to my old dad and the mines will always take thise that fail to make it into the brotherhood.

>We were pitched up against the Glevum Bay school and things started badly with Caleb loosing the first fight just not being aggressive enough. At least he's still alive! For the moment anyway.

Mehmet took his second win, eventually, after an epic duel. That lad's showing promise, undefeated so far. Who would have though it of a Galatian!

I sent Rickanus in for the last bout, champion against champion. It was close but he took a bad cut to his shield arm. Came off complaining about an illegal hold. Boy needs to toughen up!

The two crowd favourites then went through to the Primus match. Mehmet got crowd approval but a dislocated shoulder saw him have to give up his place. Glevum's champion took the laurels. Hmmm, best watch them, dirty fighters!

With just the beast fight left Rickanus wouldn't be held back from entering against both a black bear and a lion! Thankfully the bear tore into the lion and after getting in a few strikes Rickanus went a bit blood-lust and speared that bear in the back of the head!

All of a sudden he's the crowd's favourite, more glory than the Primus fighters and didn't he just milk it! A scout from Rome was in the crowd and made an offer I really couldn't refuse. Gold in the purse or steel in the belly!

Glory for the school though and all three of the new boys made it through training. Best actually learn thier names! Hah!"

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