Saturday, 2 April 2011

Full Throttle

Last night we got back to the Star Wars RPG campaign proper.

 As an obvious recap & restart session it would be understandable if it wasn't a classic. Not a bit of it!

Starting the plotline is a mission to recover a downed agent and the information they're carrying.

Last contact came from an area of the boonies that produces a lot of background interference for comms and scanners. Our heroes have been out here previously and made a local contact whom they head towards.

So being GM I dangle the carrot a transponder contact, forcing a decision which the boys take in one gulp and head in at a rate of knots. Ian leads the way on a heavy speeder bike followed by Aaron plus 2 in the skiff with Rob and Charlie on a second heavy bike as tail end.

The contact is established as a firefight with a picket of drones. Rob loops out to the left as the advance to contact continues. The main group push through the picket whilst Rob swings back in and looks to engage a drone over the contact area as Ian commences his run.
Initiative rolls made. Rob (27) will just cut across Ian's (24) line just ahead of him and engages the drone, missing badly. Dice off to miss the droid to the left or right; right into the line of Ian's bike. Roll to hit Ian's bike; hit and damaged. Ian makes a pilot skill to maintain control and miss Rob & Charlie; passes well enough has to break left and dial off some speed.

The slower skiff watches all this unfold as both bikes take ground-fire from a walker in the ground combat. Rob's bike; big miss. Ian's bike; natural 20 inflicting 30 points of damage turning it into an even looser collection of parts!

I had started the evening stating that as the boys manage their own finances and have access to medical treatment and a range of bionics that any heavy injury would stick! Ian waited with trepidation for the result whilst Rob, with his party-killer reputation duly enhanced, supportively failed to control his mirth!

Turning to the rulebook I couldn't find anything immediate so worked from the speeder bike stats. Max speed 500 kph but you're bike's knackered so 400 and you had bled some speed so 300! Hmm..

Pilot check to control the crash at Difficulty Check 20. Base damage Set at 3xD12 reducing the dice type by one (10, 8, 6 etc) for each multiple of 5 the DC is beaten by. Additionally 1xD3 locational injuries. Maybe that sounds harsh but its a 300 kph bike crash!

The result was an unconscious, but alive Ian, with a left ankle injury as the session came to a close and further proof from the majority of the group that its always funny when it's not you. Maybe next session he can roll some dice for the other side..... then the boys really will be in trouble!!

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