Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Oh come all ye faithfull

Club night last night with the Enfield Gamers and a test run of Ganesha Games' "Fear and Faith" rules-set for AWI Zombies.

Many thanks to Ian, Charlie and Rob for subjecting themselves to my barely prepared scenario hastily cobbled together during my lunch break to the mantra of "It's only a playtest!"

Each gent ran a small section of British regulars or Militia / Bandits foraging through a zombie infested hamlet. I took the Zombies as an almost impartial GM. Victory points earnt as D6 per forage point gained plus another 2 per zombie re-deaded.
Plenty learnt, the rules do the job though, as mentioned within them, they will benefit from more detail and variation within the scenarios and characters deployed on both sides.

We all picked things up again quickly enough re-learning the value of Leaders, Mobs and chatted through potential tweaks. I've also picked up Songs of Drums and Shakos so will have a read through and see what mechanics might want to be transferred across.
The British, under Sgt "Deadeye" Sheppard, went for a powder and steel approach attracting and then dispatching a swathe of rancid Americans with a well drilled display of efficient close order drill. Foraging fell to the wayside somewhat.

With a combat rating of three, muskets and bayonets (counted as heavy hand to hand weapons) they were equally effective shooting or in combat as long as they stayed in formation with their Sgt. Pretty much as I expected though this approach didn't see them advance far.
Ian and Rob had to be a bit more mobile with their Militia and keep some range from the Zipper-Heads. This was ably demonstrated by Rob getting bogged down in a couple of fairly desperate melees whilst Ian, with a ring of Zs closing in on him chose to be away on his pins to pillage the village.

I didn't initially much best, or any, use of Mobbing up the Zs happy to let things play out as they might. Once I did I managed to get a decent nip in on one of Ian's lads. Seeing the obvious bite (6 rolled) "Zeek" got left behind and soon overwhelmed.
With time eventually called Ian's forage points just edged out Charlie's kill pile, they had also swapped a few shots at each other, whilst Rob was happy just to have survived. The Zs had claimed a couple of victims and given a few close calls but out-pointed 3 for 2 I was happy with their evenings work.

Plenty to work on, need to download the force generation stuff, but all details so no great problem. Next club night is two weeks time on the 10th and which point it's hot to trot....... or shamble!

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