Saturday, 16 April 2011

Bandit Country?

See my SWAG!

Within the usual Salute goody bag was one of Kaiser Rushforth's waterproof shoulder bags for your general shopping that you could of course fill with one of their cases. Top move, hope it worked out for them. Though tempted I resisted and stuck to THE LIST.
So, scores on the doors;

1. Perry civilians - check
2. Perry Indians - nil poit. The ones they had were not the figures I was looking for.
3. French - check. Attacking fusiliers and command from Perry
4. Small scenery pieces - check plus plus;
a) Evil Scarecrows and scary statues from Crooked Dice.
b) New North American store, wooden bridge and gravestone set from Perry / Renedra
c) Flat pack MDF stables and outhouse from (plus some 50mm round bases)
5. Paints, brushes, sprays etc - check. Black spray, matt varnish and some Vallejo Game colours
5.5 Extras - knitted Cthulu beast for the girlie, 2000AD graphic novel, Yorktown campaign book
6. INSPIRATION - check plus and in more ways than one.

Firstly, my first sweep through the hall took over 2 hours mainly because every 5 minutes I was bumping into an old gaming mate many of whom I used to work with during my time with the Evil Empire. Cue 10 minutes or so of comparing notes, general as well as hobby.

Despite being keen to play a couple of games, to maximise the £11 entry, once I'd had lunch and made my second, primary shopping, pass it was almost 4 and it didn't seem to matter any more. Well worth every penny and more. Really restored THE FAITH. RE-SULT!! :)


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