Tuesday, 12 April 2011

What's in the mix?

After what I feel has been a statistically excellent start to the hobby year PP wise I have recently reached something of a metaphorical eddy which hasn't been unpleasant.

I've currently got enough plot written and figures painted to cover the Star Wars RPG for a few sessions yet and, somewhat unusually for me, I can't get much motivation for the Steel Trooper and Fire Toad re-paints. Everytime I look at them I find myself searching for something else to do!

I got my extra Gladiators the other day and most of the way through the prep now needing to milliput and sand the bases which is a reasonable evening with a DVD. I do only need to paint three or four to cover my current Ludus so I can finish the rest at my leisure.

SO.... by the evils of sticking to my project plan that means doing some work on Peytersburg!

I've pretty much decided  on using Ganesha Games' Fear and Faith rule-set for whenever I have the first run-through which will probably be at the club in the next few weeks or so. I have enough figures for the moment so I want to focus on scenery and to this end I've been collecting coffee stirrers as if I've got a major league java addiction.

The tankard they're in was given to me by GW in 2003 for 5 years in...... scary! So that's rather a lot of insta-planking "foraged" with Greggs producing them in greater length than many of their competitors plus there's an opportunity for a steak bake or two. Top tip!
As previously mentioned I want to have a go at a barn and a few out-buildings first but also want to produce a couple of bridges, including a covered one! As many may know Salute is on Saturday and I'll be looking for inspiration as well as some more detailed scenery pieces.

Elsewhere, I recently wandered into a local Waterstones, ostensibly buying a gift, and ended up treating myself to these as part of a 3 for 2. Both rather tongue in cheek I couldn't resist, feeling that they would be a good read for almost any wargames geek. 40 odd pages into Germania I am yet to be disappointed.

Back to the present it's a club night and Space Hulk should be getting another run-out. In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium no-one can hear you swear bloody murder as you roll a jam yet again!!

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