Sunday, 3 April 2011

Government Enhanced Zombies

A quick shout-out to any fellow ZOMBIES!! geeks who might be shuffling around out there as I've worked through my remaining AT-43 Oni Zombie repaints.

Very simple stuff once again as a bit of pre-highlight, detail work and a couple of washes. More than happy with the rather grimy finish as it suits the subjects rather well.

The Shogun here got a bit more detail work along with some quick and easy pea-dot and a few post-wash highlights. All pretty quick and easy so 1 PP each for a total of 22.

As an other shout-out I'd just like to express my appreciation to those of you who surf past on any sort of basis. Since the installation of the flag-counter I've been pleased to see a lot of unexpected results.

The AT-43 posts understandably got quite a few French hits whilst Polish, Chinese and Iranian readers were unexpected, though always welcome.

Many thanks to you all. Merry gaming!

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