Friday, 8 April 2011

Are these the droids that you're looking for?

Star Wars RPG last night and most of us got to de-rust our various recollections of the rules as we got stuck into a decent sized fire-fight.

Ian got caught up at work but then all his character had to do was unconsciously resist the possibility of internal bleeding so he didn't miss much.
Gatecrashing the "party" the eponymous heroes took the side of the blue humanoids against the droid assault in a disturbing display of common sense and set about turning them to scrap with a rather wide variation in result.
Charlie had previously nominated a point to be dropped off at, entirely blindly and soon regretted his trademark aggressive style as he became the closest target for a barrage of automatic fire. Thankfully, for him, it was being aimed by B1 Battle Droids but the grazes and micro-burns soon accumulated.

Elsewhere Mr Christian charged the nearest droid to him and set about it with his electrostaff. He had apparently failed to notice that it was an upgraded model which had already been demonstrated to be toting a personal defense shield. The paint scratches inflicted would need copious amounts of  T-Cut applied.

Said B2 Battle Droid opened up with its twin blasters quickly inflicting one critical and two other solid hits on his Quarren warrior of Ka' Pla' (many tentacled god). Ka' Pla' was obviously busy elsewhere and the result was a second party member unconscious and bleeding.
Reintroducing the vehicle rules was the droid walker that had previously shot Ian. I was fully intending to have a lot of fun with this as it advanced towards the downed shuttle with cold logical intent.

Jon's decided to use the force and ask me to check its Will Defence. Its a droid with no mind, I thought, so it must be pretty high. Ermm no, rather low in fact. Cue "Do or do not, there is no try" and the implement of my violet glee was upside down on another, now broken droid. Grrrr.....
On reaching the downed lander the Golgoth droid had the chance to take one weak stomp on it before finally halting to the massed fire brought to bear against. Its Damage Resistance of 10 had kept it going, despite its spill which delayed it badly, but it was now pretty much the only available target.

Post battle negotiations then took place though Mormar the rogue who did so from behind a bush. His shoot and hide tactic failed quite spectacularly and resulted in a close round exchange that saw one blue boy and Charlie floored and leaking vital body fluids. Jon only avoided this fate by applying another impressive Joda-ism!

The second attempt, without blasters and an impressive persuasion roll saw a particularly mercenary deal cut and the lads left with the spent battlefield and a data-slate of info. What info nobody yet knows!

Can anyone say "plot hook"? ;)

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