Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Odes of Frank "War" Arnus - Prt II

The value of a home crowd? Priceless!

That notorius self publicist Rogurius Caninus Secundus had invited all of the new Britannia Ludi to join his Britannia Premirius Leagusta and i'm not one to be left out!

Taking on each other home and away the top two Ludi will fight it out in the Super Pit, the winner being able to travel to Gaul to pit his gladiators against the best Rome has to offer during the official 'Round the Fringe' tour.

So taking on Charlius's Ludus, known for thier technical focus and careful fight strategies, at home seemed like a good draw. We also manged to attract the attention of some scribes from Rome, from the newly formed, SKYUS SPORTICUS organisation which meant an extra fee which a home Ludus was mine to split as I saw fit.

With all the extra attention both sets of boys were well keyed up and wasted no time getting stuck in. The bloodlust of the home crowd rose as Estaban, Retarius, claimed the victory in his first ever first bout.

Mehmet, Hoplomachus, walked out second. Both lads put everything into it but couldn't find a way through. Tiring badly the officials called the draw before the crowd turned any uglier. Mehmet's still undefeated from three but not Ludus champion just yet!

For the final bout I sent in Carlo, my new Thraex, with instructions to go in fast and hard. The boy done good rounding out the contest at two-nil. Get in!

With the scribes of Rome watching on and ahead of schedule Charlius and I quickly set up a beast fight as an added extra. Letting one of less vicious wolves into the arena we would each send in one fighter. I gave the honour to Andreaus, Secutor, as he was one of the new boys and though skilled with a blade somewhat weak.

Charlius' retarius made the early running but losing his net backed off. Andreaus took his chance using his skill, or luck, to taunt the wolf twice sidestepping it's wild lunges and using its momentum to run itself onto his blade.

So further glory to the Arnus Ludus and Andreaus suddenly has a name worth something. Always liked that boy!

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