Friday, 15 April 2011

Turning Gold into Lead

Reversed alchemy? Not quite, Salute 2011 and my associated shopping list or more to the point how far off of it that I stray!

Being an increasingly good N.E.R.D. I am learning not to chafe so much at my self-imposed projects list and as such have spent some time reviewing what figures I have on hand for Peytersburg to establish what I first NEED and secondly WANT. Two very different things.
Digging out some boxes the other night I discovered that I have plenty of AWI British, LOTS in fact. About a section are actually painted along with a decent number of militia, non overtly loyalist or revolutionary.

Enough to start playing games with they were painted MANY years ago and it seems that my standards have improved in the intervening period. I'm sure this is a good thing other than the feeling that I should be indulging in some strip and re-paint action, though not for a while yet.

So, the shopping list;
1. Civilians. The Perry ones above are very nice indeed.
2. Indian. Perry again.
3. Skirmishing French. Will have a scout about for these ;)
4. Small scenery pieces
5. Paints, brushes, sprays etc

Last night Rich (of Jones fame) came round last night with someone else's football rules in tow, Corner Kick.

Despite it being a game for which I have very little passion, though I do understand the off-side rule, we had a good night of it. A simple set of rules, but vaguely gamey, I picked them up easily though winning 4-1 was always going to colour my opinion.

After Salute on Sunday I'm off to Adams Park to watch Wasps, those of them uninjured at least of which there are not many, take on Leeds. Academy boys all over the place and Josh Lewsey back on bench AGAIN!!

Beer, pies and good company though, both days in fact, which are always a BIG plus!

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