Saturday, 30 April 2011

Got wood?

A couple of quick WIP shots of a few buildings;

Below are the stable and outhouse kits from which come as laser cut mdf and go together very well. Standard card tiles on the outhouse and coffee stirrer planking for the stables as I couldn't face cutting that many strips of card tiles.
The shot below are two plastic kits manufactured by Renedra, the North American Store for Perrys and their own bridge kit including the two pontoons which I thought I could use as objectives somehow or the other. Bizarre-o!
I've also spent the afternoon building barrels and graves cos' I'm just SO cool. All this will, along with the farm, will form the holdings of one Mr Peytersson, the first incarnation of St Peytersburg.

I've decided that the projects list will be dictated by imminent gaming so this stuff hits the top followed by various Gladiators and then any Star Wars stuff. Sort of a supply and demand thing!

As it's Saturday night I'll turn on the X-Box. Huzzah!!

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