Sunday, 24 April 2011

Wheels within wheels

Hola people.

Not a lot of PP activity recently as I've been enjoying the weather, though not Wasps' drubbing yesterday evening.

The long weekend started with a Thursday night Star Wars session that despite not a shot being fired it was another quality event.

After claiming the battlefield with only moderate casualties the boys set off in search of their previously downed pilot. They found him in the tender care of the local yocals, previously encountered, lead by a renegade female wookie.

Negotiations went well even managing to trade in one of their speeder bikes for a less dented model. Apparently becoming more used to my methods they even found and disabled the tracker attached to it!

With the formalities dealt with the real fun could start!
Having a look at the data they got hold off last time out it proved to be a fairly poor fake implicating a well known black market middle-man as a full on terrorist. Cue twenty minutes of full on debate between the group as how best to deal with / take advantage of the situation. I just sat back and grinned.

As a GM I like to play things fairly loose and then feed-back off of the group. It can be more work in between sessions and on the fly during them, but it allows me to tailor events to the group's intentions hopefully creating something of the illusion of choice. It produces good results when it goes right.

This was such an occasion with the lads talking through potential conspiracies that hadn't even imagined yet. Never one look a gift horse in the mouth my grin grew larger.

In the end the boys decided to play both ends against the other and have been left planning an assault, mock or otherwise, on said middle-man's warehouse. Talk of blowing it up though no concern foll collateral damage!

Dark side point anyone?? 

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