Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Operation Overlord

No, not the invasion of Normandy but more a case of keeping myself, and my wallet, reigned in at Abingdon Wargames club's Overlord show on Sunday.

Rich was going to support the release of his The Beautiful Game through THW and I fancied a day out and a browse around whatever scenics were on offer.

Focusing on two particular projects this has been my main focus for a little while now. Apparently I have enough figures to be going on with.....???

Firstly, I've previously mentioned I've been browsing quite a few Zombie gaming blogs and taking my inspiration I want to go for an alternative alternative.

Rather than going for the "standard" post-apocalyptic survivor set-up I want to go for an Age or Reason setting. Think Sleepy Hollow and we're likely to be in the same chapter if not on the same page.

A big "shout-out" must go to Geektactica and their Dertflingham campaign set-up for showing me what can be so well achieved....... home-boy?

So above left is a well, hanged man and buried treasure marker picked up from Dreamholme Scenics. Below is one of their haycarts and row-boats. All good stuff and even better the last few GW boxed sets going through the Bring and Buy paid for them.
Second up is the imminent restart of the Star Wars RPG campaign as Jon ran us through the final session of the first D&D chapter last Thursday night. Well run and highly enjoyable I'll miss being a player for a while or at least as long as it takes for the dookie to hit the fan!

As such I picked up the resin panel sets below form Second City Games for the princely sum of £13, my technical spending total for the day, whilst resisting the bar, med-lab and bio-research sets at least until Salute. The tile that they're sat on in one of the AT-43 reversible tile set that I picked up from E-Bay for a tenner. I thought it was worth a punt and won big as there are 16 of them in ultra high quality full colour. Zing!! The whole internal scenery thing is another inspiration from Geektactica who use templates of any buildings on the table off-table transferring figures between as required. As such you can fight inside a properly detailed building far easier without buying or building the more expensive / involved specialist pieces. Blinding simple and effective.
Meanwhile the show itself whilst small was well formed and consistently busy throughout. Rolling in at 9:30 am, 4pm came round surprisingly easy. The Beautiful Game was received well whilst Rich and I playtested "Flying Tackles" (Rugby Union / Ganesha Games) as and when to an equally interested response.
Below are shots of the games that most caught my eye; a large ACW layout, an excellent Doctor Who offering and a very pretty Vietnam offering.

And to round things out Wasps finally picked up a win against Sale :)

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