Monday, 14 March 2011

Mode of Transport

Something of a bits and pieces post as I've continued to seek some variety whilst remaining very much within the overall project plan(s)

Star Wars:

With the RPG campaign set to restart on Thursday night I've spent the majority of the weekend finishing off some bits that I plan to need pretty much from the off.
I've been meaning to sort out generic-ish drones since the back end of the last stint and given that I expected them to be an easy job I've continually put them of until necessity applied its boot to my backside. I just find the whole idea of them so very Star Wars.
I wanted at least a couple of them to be unarmed as scout / shield / relay variants. Less obviously threatening I'm sure I can come up with a host of nefarious uses for them. Just to show my age somehow they bring the Terrahawks series to the fore of my mind!
More standard blasty gun-drone types. Due to the overhead lighting the flash showed off a lot more of their detail. A simple paint job but one that I'm happy with. I did think to add transfers but thought it would look too busy for their size.
The crashed Aquila lander from the 40K: Black Reach set and for once I've managed to stay away from Red for, what seems to me, to be a far more Colonial One look.

And all completed whilst re-working my way through the first 3 disks of Firefly just to get me back into the mood and set the internal scene. Rather looking forward to it :)

12 PPs at 1 per piece.

Zombie Village:

....which I'm feeling that I should really give  a proper name to at some point.
Whilst waiting for washes to dry I put together the Mordheim stagecoach that has spent a year or five languishing in a large, overfilled box.
ZV will definitely become the secondary project as I remember how much prep time I needed to put into Star Wars RPG last time round. None of it begrudged at all but you get out what you put in at the end of the evening.
I've been reading Max Brook's World War Z recently and finding plenty of inspiration for all of the above. I'm likely to go with THW's All Things Zombie for rules, just with flintlock weaponry and less chainswords.
I really must watch Sleepy Hollow again,.. research you understand :)

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