Thursday, 10 March 2011

Shambling mounds

An old-school D&D reference for those in the know!

More AT-43 repaints, this time a trio of Oni Zombie Tac-Arms added to the painting schedule for variety and also to explore the options with the pre-paints.
Almost straight from the box, I gravelled and painted the bases to give a context to the figures i.e. my normal trick when I'm not sure what I'm doing!
The grey-green has had a dry-brushed highlight of WWII German Uniform with further plates painted Iyanden Darksun to match in with the shoulder stripes. Bronze and Boltgun detailing on the weaponary and Liche Purple piping. All undead benifit from a touch of purple!

A wash of Devaln Mud was a bit weak so I followed it up with Ogryn Flesh which did a stunning job, especially on the flesh to which I have had to do nothing else at all.
Highlights on the Iyanden and a few newly spotted details picked out with Boltgun or Bronze plus a bit of an Orgyn wash and onto a quick varnish for the finished result!

Very impressed at how easy it was. 3 terminator sized figures in next to no time though I feel that I can only really justify 3 PPs to kick the month into gear. Plenty more to come though now that I've set the scheme.

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