Thursday, 3 March 2011

A Geek's gaming room is his Castle

And in some cases possibly quite literally!

So, as shown, I am now fully set-up at home in the main way that matters. I've also had the nice chap around from Virgin Media to install my cable TV and Broadband. As such normal service is all set to be resumed, whatever that might be!

Top two shots are of the spare / hobby storage / secondary gaming room with my work-bench set-up. I've been prepping up the next few projects for March, all listed in the sidebar, and will let you know how they go.

The remaining shots are of the main gaming area in the lounge's dogleg with the bookcase stuffed full of rules, supplements and comics. The little shelf is for dice, tapes, markers etc.

The gaming shot is from Wednesday night playtesting a Rugby game that Rich is developing. The final D&D session followed on Thursday eve so its time for the Star Wars RPG campaign to dust itself off. I've been slowly hording a number of wicked adventure threads to inflict upon my players :)

I've got errands to run tomorrow AM before settling down to some hobby love. I've been adding a fair few Zombie blogs to my reading list and as such SOMEHOW ordered Red Dead Zombie-Apocalypse from Amazon. Hmmmmm...

Sunday I'm off to the Overlord wargames show in Abingdon with Rich to help him put on whichever game hes decided on taking between now and then!

"Normal Service" resumed :)

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