Monday, 21 March 2011

Push the button

Possibly a slight non-PC title whilst NATO blows the cr@p out of Gadaffi in an effort to ensure the survival of Lybian oil civilians but there you go, I've had a poor week of no gaming.

Last Tuesday I was in the grip of a 24 hour flu bug and so had to blow out the club. Thursday's restart of the Star Wars RPG campaign didn't happen either as half the group got caught at work or had just got off of a plane back from the US.

I have however painted up the sci-fi consoles that I recently picked up from Second City Games and are pretty pleased with them. Dark military green seemed to fit the semi-disused command centre or Space-Hulk that they're likely to be found in.

Pre-highlighting via drybrush has achieved the result I was looking for and very little was needed after a wash of Ogryn Flesh which has left them with a suitably grimy look. Another 6 PPs for the month.

The X-Box has otherwise filled my gaming void with a Red Dead Redemption Zombie Apocalypse. Between that and Max Brook's World War Z I've been having all sorts of "interesting" ideas.......

I've also learnt that ammo conservation is key. So how to work that into Star Wars?????

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