Saturday, 26 March 2011

Welcome to Peytersburg

Who's on the end of the stick Vic? Looks like one of those colonial types and a ginger one at that!

Having painted up the scenery bits that I recently picked up for Zombie Village I felt the need to "flesh" things out a bit (ho ho ho) in an attempt to give a bit more focus.

Playing around with google maps I settled upon Petersburg in current day Illinois which has river access three nearby cemeterys and the hamlet of Old Salem. I couldn't ask for more!

Adding and olde worlde Y I imagine Dutch settlers carving thier niche in life allowing me to move through the centuries to Max Brook's World War Z, which I've recently finished reading.

I'm really quite keen to scratch build a few buildings. A barn and a few outbuildings seem like logical additions to the farm as it stands. I've rather stalled on painting actual figures motivationally for the moment.

We shall see. A further 5 PPS in the bag!

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