Sunday, 27 February 2011


This post comes to you via my I Phone a little piece of kit that I've only had for a few months that I now wouldn't want to be without. I've even downloaded a dice app to play through the Fighting Fantasy books that I got for Chrimble. Salvation may find me one day though I doubt it. The main price seems to be my reading time on the train home or in bed at night as I now just play a mindless game mindlessly. Corrective action is required.

Meanwhile I've completed the move and now have to TWO node foci within my abode. The lounge is quite large and has a dogleg so one end has become gaming corner and has already hosted D&D on Thursday night. The spare room can accommodate a game for two or three max and so is likely to become a semi-permanent workbench with a laptop DVD player and an I Dock for background entertainment. I
All much easier to entertain polite company should I ever do so. I'm rather smug!

Hmm... Just discovered that I can't upload photos from the camera roll so they'll have to wait.

Meanwhile I enormously enjoyed England beating la Francois yesterday evening and just hope that Wasps can manage the same against Sarries this lunchtime.

I also went and saw Paul at the flicks last night and it was better than I thought it might be with plenty of witty one line homages for true nerds!

May the farce be with you.......always ;)

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