Friday, 18 February 2011

Economies of Scale

On Wednesday I started packing for the impending move to my new abode and as always was amazed by the amount of STUFF that i've accumulated since last time.

I've pretty much packed up the shed and as a part of that process spent some time trawling through various boxes of plastic and tin-pewter.

I've even managed to dispose of an awful lot of Empire and Orc and Goblin sprues that have been with me longer than many of my socks.

It struck me that i'm predominantly a 25mm boy but thats mainly because, like many of us, i'm a child of Games Workshop, and have been programmed as such. FoW was a serious flirtation with 15mm, since sold on, and i've got bits of 10 and 15mm floating about but always found 6mm too small to paint.
HOWEVER,.. i've slowly been experiencing 15mm skirmish,.. and I like it! I've been following the Gruntz 15mm Sci-Fi blog, walked past it several times at Warfare and intend to actually play a game at Salute.

Browsing around the Khurusan, Critical Mass and Ground Zero web-stores has been on the increase. Jon has even gone as far as making some purchases.

I've built up a good resource of figures and scenery for the Star Wars roleplaying in 25mm BUT if I was starting that up today i'd be more than likely to do it in 15mm. The quality is good as are the comparative prices, the ranges ever expanding, and it would make the best of time, space and funds available. The worst you've got to deal with is adjusting ground-scale!

I'm sure that you could do the same with almost any genre, theatre etc.

BUT 25mm just looks so good when done well! Flip over to Geektactica, all the links are in the sidebar, and take a look as personally I find the stuff that these guys do truly inspiring.

I'm genuinely torn! Happy gaming :)

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