Monday, 26 September 2011

What's that coming over the hill!?

Yes, it is indeed a MONSTER, more specifically Giant 1 otherwise recently christened as "Mr G" for reasons that are, hopefully, fairly obvious.

GW's most recent tin/pewter incarnation he's had a few bits and bobs plus some green stuff attached to him for variation. Another dark skin-tone as part of my equal opportunities campaign that came about as I was dry-brushing up through various browns.

I thought it would be easier and save me some time given my lack of skill with Caucasian tones. I was correct though highlights were still required post wash that enhanced greatly.

He looked suitably dirty after washes and I thought I might be on for another ugly win but the extra time and effort was well worth it. A dirty finish to a paint-job, however apt, is still a dirty finish!!

I pity the fool who settles for a dirty paint-job!!

Big but simple that's 5 PPs sucker! Next up on the O&G conveyor are the Mordheim warband. Meanwhile, much like a certain Romanian prop, I ain't getting on no plane!! :)

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