Wednesday, 25 August 2010

99 of 100

My 100th post, who would have thought........ I try not to :)

Just a quick note for the mo. I've found the blog to be an excellent source of continuing motivation and with some time away over the Bank Holiday I've felt a genuine to finish the Terminators and claim some PPs.

Painting them as a nine I could have just picked one to avoid an NIL result, as to my shame I've done previously, but I decided... NON!!

Man up Fase, make it or break it and I've made it,... or at least 99%. It's just markings required now so I'm happy to award myself the points (21 at 3 a piece) to avoiding rushing that last 1% which can make such a difference.

Photos to follow :)

Update: (27/08/10)

I had a bit of unexpected brush-time last night so here you are! I'm incredibly pleased with them, they must be the best figures I've painted all year, for several reasons.

Thats also anothe full project complete with a fully painted copy of Space Hulk at my disposal. Beast actually play some games now!!

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