Tuesday, 3 August 2010


So rather than banging on about how mainstream GW no longer floats my boat I thought it would be rather more positive to concentrate on what does.

Jon recently posted up on the club site about Fantasy Flight Games' upcoming DUST: Tactics release. Specifically my illustrious DM (sycophantic grovel) provided a link to thier promotional video clip showing you the contents of the starter box.

I was and remain impressed and so browsed thier website (see links bar)to be impressed further. I then downloaded the DUST: Tactics rules and had a read through during a lunchbreak. You'll have to the same for the vid due to my technical ineptitude :)

Very much a miniature boardgame in the same vein as AT-43, at least for moment, it's good to see a roll-call of expansions set to follow. There is also the stated intention to follow up with a full table-top wargame but I'm not sure that there's the need or the the current slim and slick rule mechanics would allow.

By no means am I guaranteed to "INVEST" (REALLY??) but will certainly be looking out for the regular updates that are bound to lead up to release. I'm already tempted to purchase just for the gameboards and scenery pieces alone.

Anyway, D&D tonight. We're in a dungeon but, thankfully, with just a wolf. He's a big'un though!

Mugs of teas all round then, .....maybe a hob nob

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