Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Scratching the Itch!!

As previously mentioned i've recently given up on the wargame that first took hold of my young juvenile mind, Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

During the battle of realisation that took part within my 35 year old juvenile mind I found myself gravitating towards the idea of doing a Chaos Dwarf army as a long term hobby project. For some reason I want to sculpt beards?!!

Foolish , foolish boy! Redemption, however, has arrived... with a big spiky ball!!

My club, Enfield Gamers, has recently voted BloodBowl 7s to be our next main campaign. Having previously played a one day tourney I was wondering whether to take my Norse or Humans, at which point inspiration / obsession struck.

With just four weeks until kick off and very little in my armoury I have decided that I would like to play with a fully converted Chaos Dwarf team. I would also like to use non GW figures as much as possible. The old metal Confrontation Dwarves have sprung to mind.

So, working in central London, I will trundle off to Orc's Nest at lunchtime to see what I can find. I will also pop by GW as I want to use an Beastman Centigor body for the Bull Centuar. Update to follow.

As well as featuring BB-7s, from September Enfield Gamers will also be adding an extra night per month, going to three. Regular attendances have risen steadily this year and the success of Uncharted Seas left us with few meeting playing much else.

So we'll be meeting every Second, Third and Fourth Tuesday of the month. The Second and Fourth Tuesdays will primarily be campaign nights with the Third Tuesday reserved for run what you brung open play.

Come and say hello :)

UPDATE: Well that was a waste of a lunchbreak as GW Plaza stock even fewer blisters than Orc's Nest. No single centigors, how's that for service?? Grrrr.

After a bit of browsing I've located the Confrontation figures I want, though they're currently in Canada so confirmation of postage cost is required, though i'm sure i'll pay it anyway ;)

UPDATE UPDATE: Duely purchased! 8 Dwarves to cover 6 Blockers and 2 Bull Centuars. So that will be a full team then. THE DIE HAS BEEN CAST!!

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