Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Sweatin' to the Oldies

Well not literally you understand but it was proper "Old Skool" roleplaying last night, with requisite ROCK bull-fists and possibly a bit of AC-DC going on......

...... "For those about to ROLE, we Salute You!" :)

Overly fastidious character sheets.. Check!
Ornately crafted many sided dice.. Check!
Dungeon floor plans.. Check!
Lardy snack foods.. Check!
"I hit it with my sword".. Check!

A good old fashioned D&D dungeon hack... get in! Straight back to my youth, though we seem to have traded cheap, weak beer in for tea. Don't seem to mind :)
Having previously played 4th edition and been somewhat non-plussed by some of the newer bits, mainly those involving lots of cards and chips i.e. stuff you need to remember, Jon has done an excellent job of producing a D&D 3.5 variant that we're all much happier with.
I tend to remember this as session three and our second within the "Chamber of Eyes". I've not always been the greatest fan of bought pre-planned adventures but delivery is all and Jon has done an excellent job.

Any adventure is going to be relatively linear and during my recent stint as DM I always tried hard to create that all important "illusion of choice", forcing the players to make "real" choices. Hopefully I did as well as Jon is now.
This session went much better than our last. Pretty much all of our plans came off and we were a much more effective "combat unit".

Admittedly i'd forgotten that last time round I'd decided to take an Orc boss on toe to toe. Ian's support was greatfully recieved and I quickly decided, as scout, to go back to the sneaky stuff with plenty of back-stabbing and missile support.

Mr C, paladinic tank, had earlier bravely held up the big beastie, which he steadfastly refused to harm, for others to take out.

At least that was his explanation for his extremely poor dice!

At last knockings we cleared out the final gaurdroom and got down to some full-on looting before heading back to town for a bit of diplomatic endeavour.

Thankfully Jon's bluff rolls were just as poor as mine!

Meanwhile, back in the real world, the bits for my BB Chaos Dwarves have been arriving. I'd forgotten that centigors were almost one piece so the heavy clippers will have to be brought to bear. I also need to try out my hand at sculpting the big persian style ringlet beards.

But first, I MUST remain firm and finish off the Termies (so close!) before allowing shiny newness consume me.

Why must I spoil things by being, an apparant, adult!?

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