Thursday, 5 August 2010

Make way, make way....

...pedant coming through. Keep that lad away madam or he might turn WIERDO to! Then you might have to put him down!!

Day off today and the missus is work. I've done a few chores about the house and run a few errands, mainly stocking up nourishment for the day, I've also been to the post office and picked up my Kaiser Rushforth case. So what to do?

Well, obviously i'm going to stick on Season 4 of Battlestar Galactica, black in ALL of the Space Hulk board sections and tokens (chisle tipped marker) and then chop up the case to make everything fit. Who wouldn't ;)

When Kaiser first appeared sometime ago with thier cardboard cases I joined the ranks of the scoffers. I've since seen them in use and made purchase. Very sturdy, compact storage cases they are but I stil wouldn't want to get caught in a rain shower with one but I have an empty GW shell to cover that eventuality.

No painting points but a happy sense of achievement accompanied by requisite grin. The last 9 Termies are coming along and will be proper old school. Yellow and black striping will be evident.

The scariest thing is that I wanted to sort the case out now so that the last thing I do for the project as a whole is varnish the last figures.

Work tomorrow. Amongst the NORMALS :)

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