Friday, 9 September 2011

Fancy a Ruck?

Well I couldn't not mention Rugby Union's showpiece event now then could I!?

Myself and the Dawes went to the Premiership Double Header last week and I remembered just how much I LOVE rugby. Wasps took a deserved win from Saracens and I've been hoarse all week from shouting my lungs out.

Thankfully all of England's game are Saturday and Sunday mornings, two are 7am. So to be honest the next few weekends have early starts and heavy bacon sarnies as a major feature :)

You'll suffer no significant punditry from me but I expect Johnson's men to top the group and make the semis. Knockout competitions of any kind are all about one-off performance and England can honestly beat anyone on the right day. Thankfully, they've got a decent army list :)
To drag things a little more on track here's a WIP shot of the Black Orcs post base colours and standard Devlan Mud wash. The flesh needs a green wash and a few bits could do with a little black glaze but after that it'll be the bases so that I can work the highlights out to balance everything up.

Next Tuesday they're scheduled for some table time and should whiff heavily of varnish!!

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