Saturday, 1 January 2011

All Things ZOMBIE!!

So with the new year come new projects and in a staggering display of pre-planning all of mine for the next little while will have something of a rather corrupt air about them.

I've spent the new year to date building the basics of Zombie Farm and feel well pleased with my efforts.

The plan remains for it to be multi era / genre and I remain confident that this will work well all the way from French Indian to mid West survivalists.

It's definately going to be whitewash all round so i'm not so sure about full on Sci-Fi but I'll definately give it a go. The devil will be in the detail i'm sure

I've also had a quick browse at the sprues of Mantic zombies that I picked up and am impressed by thier quality of both sculpt and production.

With 30 to get through I feel sure that I will get to know them particuarly well!!

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