Friday, 21 January 2011

Comms check..... 1,2,3

Overall it's been a pretty good gaming week even if a little on the fly, which is no bad thing.

Tuesday night at the club, Enfield Gamers, Rich set-up a big mutliplayer game of 5150. Originally planned as a zombie encounter a late night viewing of Starship Troopers inspired a modern day Afghanistan bug-hunt.

I ran the command squad and we made quick progress up the 8 foot table, the rest of the boys ignoring my orders for a cautious advance. To be honest it was more a case of just keeping up with the Afghan squad who weren't waiting for anything or anyone.Once in the settlement the bugs, randomly deployed, struck hard chewing heavily on C section whilst I repeatedly failed to set up the radio and call in a medi-vac.

By the time I got through the request had turned into a full emergency extraction, briefly delayed by a bug hole erupting next to the heli-pad. Thankfully a couple f UGL rounds and he Minimis clear a path and a everyone piled into the Chinook, many being carried!Last night's D&D was postponed yet again due to work commitments and my failure to send the usual reminder text! Doh!

So instead we cracked out Martians!!, a variant on Zombies!! that you CAN play co-operatively. We didn't and as such completely failed to even vaguely trouble the mother-ship you're supposed to destroy.

So instead we demolished the biscuits and set about being the first to kill 30 martians and such win the game. It was a fun game so Rob won. Those is the rules!
More usefully, I recently picked up an AT-43 starter set a la E-Bay for 40 of one's earth pounds. I've been keeping a lookout for the restart of the Star Wars RPG and for the amount you get, just in terms of scenery, it's an absolute steal.

The troopers and the Fire-Toad i'll repaint to match the security dudes and the Therians will make some suitably brooding potential "aquaintances".

Meanwhile I've been block-rushing zombies in between stints with Fable III. If only I didn't have to got to work so often......

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