Sunday, 9 January 2011

Down, down on the farm...

A relatively quiet weekend at home has seen some decent progress with Zombie Farm / Village.I've always enjoyed scenery making, a major highlight of my time with GW, and this is already a project that i'm enjoying massively.
Two WIP shots of the farmhouse. I used a new technique here, pre shading with sprays that i'm very pleased with. I always intended to work from white, dirtying up with washes prior to drybrushed highlights, but fate intervened.

Basically I wasn't thinking and simply sprayed black, as I do 99.5% of the time, before remembering THE PLAN. As such I then drifted on various coats of white to leave recessed areas as a misty grey. It then occurred to me that this was a techniques the Jon had brought to my attention that I wanted to try. Subliminal?? All the fencing was done the same way.

For some reason I can't stay away from red rooves! I prefer to think of them as shingles. I was tempted to fit in a confederate flag somewhere but will have to settle for this being a detail piece later on.
The pig sty was drybrushed up through the browns, more "traditionally" as I wanted to give the impression of fresher, darker areas of mud without resorting to any gloss effects.
I still wanted whitewashed wood externally, though dirtier for a better overall fit.

So, the basics of the farm are in place and 10 PPs for the lot (4 for each building and 2 for fences) seems a fair trade.

Live (and dead) stock need to be done but I feel a need to start in on the zombies. With 40 to do, inc counters, batch painting is a neccessity and ome other little bits to slot in between will stop me becoming too BRAIN-DEAD..... :)

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