Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Tales from the Crypt!!

So, significantly quicker than I expected the Mantic Minions are built. Even the missus had a go and stuck four of them together, as doing all the clipping and trimming was far too boring a task. I don't know which of us was the most scared!

In general I really like these guys. They're all 3 or 4 part and don't have as many posing options as I'm used to, especially compared to GW's zombies. In some ways this is a big bonus as it forces you to fully explore the potential poses to make the best of them!Thier posing and true scaling mean that they have a really classic, properly twisted look to them that is just about unique. I'm not so keen on the couple of "spines on legs" that I've built but it's allowed me a few "bursters" freshly uneathing themselves that are well worth the sacrifice.As well as the 30 zombo's advertised on the box I've also made up 10 counters, including my "bursters" to use as reinforcement / deployment markers. Zombie "blips" if you will!

So all in all i'm well pleased. Tonight will be the joyous PVA fun of basing everything, including various farm bits and maybe even a bit of black spray.

Living the (Zombie Village) DREAM baby!!

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