Monday, 24 January 2011

Vive La Diff-er-ence

On Sunday I made another pilgrimage to Adams Park to scream bloody murder whilst Wasps took on Toulose in the Heineken Cup. Unfortunately results previous in the day meant we couldn't go through to the quarters but a good result would see us into the Amlin.

For a translation and a match report I suggest you try BBC Sport as that isn't the point of this post. The point is to give all possible credit to the Toulose fans.Now I can be a liitle bit Al Murray as far as Europe is concerned, all tounge in cheek I promise, and on the train up I was surrounded by French. Slightly intimidated I was impressed as to how many were making the trip and it all added to the build up to an excellent hard fought game.

Sat next to a big block of French I was really impressed how well they made themselves heard and how they went out of thier way to get on with the Wasps fans. Plenty had bought hats and scarves from the club shop as a memento of the trip and happily sat wearing them.

There was plenty of "banter" throughout and after a shaky first quarter Wasps settled down to a good, hard performance and we won it with a try in the last minute. Lots of handshakes all round and applause for both sides. A few of thier guys had even brought a banner thanking Serge Betsen, now a Wasp, for his years in French Rugby and he was pretty much mobbed when he went over to them.

On the trip home thier fans were still singing and surrounded by them for a second time I couldn't stop grinning. Best away fans I've ever met!

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