Monday, 31 January 2011

Equal Opportunity Apocalypse

Over the weekend I went back to the first batch of Zombies, that I wasn't entirely happy with, with the intention to fix them.

After a quick bit of brush chewing I realised that I'd been a bit cavalier with the clothing and details using quick fixes rather than painting them properly. So that's what I did, showing them due respect and doing the job properly.

Another ten PPs in the bag to start the first month of 2011 bang on target!

Whilst doing so I decided to paint a couple of the torn hands that a couple of them were waving around as a dark flesh, primarily for contrast reasons. This then lead onto the thought that a proportion of my zombies should be something other than caucasian So, the group on the left have been washed with Thrakka Green, the group on the right with Baal Red. Both have then been dry-higlighted back to Dwarf Flesh with a mere tinkling of Elf. Centre rear are the "Soul-less Brothers" who've been brushed up from Dark Flesh with Bestial, Sankebite and the merest hint of Vomit before an Ogryn wash (mental image!).

Bizarrely it's worked out that none of my gentlemen of colour are toting anyone else's limbs. So if you're from the Deep South you've no need to worry!

Once again I've based before finishing the detail just so that I can get the balance right. I can't remember if i've mentioned it previously (probably) but they're all on pennies. The scale seemed right and it means they can really horde in around any tuppence based food sources. It also means that the Oni GI Enhanced Super-Zombies will look all that much bigger.

More overly dark / vaguely blury photos:

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