Saturday, 15 January 2011

A Man's World?

I'm sat at home with the Ick at the moment. Nothing too terrible but just enough to feel a bit BLEURGH. Some might call it man-flu but that's not a theory I subscribe to!

Tuesday was a club night and a last run through with 5150 before the campaign starts. Just as well really as I needed the practice and we'd all managed a slightly different take on the level that we were aiming at.

Answer: squad level. So my 21 strong force was a bit unbalanced and unwieldy to track traits and limb specific wounds! As such I've spent the morning re-working my force. Wanting to use my Rogue Troopers the Xeog just about fit the bill as genetically built light infantry.

They come in two skin-tones, green and light blue, with the latter often going rogue...RESULT! The only fly is that they're all female, or at least males have never been reported. I'll assume that no-one's ever survived to make such a report.
Not using any armour I've had to go super-elite to keep thier numbers down to 12. They fight in groups of three so this is how i'll deploy them with all female leadership.

One really nice thing about 5150 is that each race is given a flavour through a subtle variation in thier own specific reaction table. The Xeog are classic light troop, fleet of foot and hand thier clone status makes pretty hardy but staying power in a brawl isn't thier thing. Hug the cover boys and girls!

Moving on I'm going to try out a couple of ideas to get the Zombies on thier way. I currently feel quite in tune with them!!

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