Friday, 31 December 2010

End of the Year Show

No jazz-hands I promise but as this IS the last post of the year a number of cliches/ traditions will have to observed.

One of the least obvious is my continuing penchant for all weather barbequeing to mark the last roleplay session of 2010.

The session itself was a bit of a blinder. Near the conclusion of our ongoing quest we negotiated the second and third challenge room, of four, before being able to move onto the BIG SHOWDOWN.

We ended up having to use BRAINS rather than brawn, which was all very shocking to those involved.

The first was a room of evil mirrors so we hid under cloaks and didn't look at them. The second was a big room full of poisoned blood and two whipping statues, obviously, which demanded much from my skills of dexterity and stealth.

We prevailed, eventually, with myself retaining a total of 7 from my 47 hit points and that was after the delivery of an emergency Healing Potion and the use of my second wind. I may have to paint on a few scars!
I've also finished the Chin boys with a combination of free-hand (NOT a speciality of mine) and transfered details. I've also put a tatt meaning "Ox" on the fat lad's leg which coincidentally covers an errant mould line!

12 more PPs taking me to 272 for the year against a target 0f 240. Particuarly pleased to have sorted out my copy of Space-Hulk and to have kept the RPG side of things going strong.

Same again for next year I think, see you then :)

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