Friday, 3 December 2010

It's a funny old game :)

Just a quick one as last night's D&D session was something of a classic that had the vast majority of us in absolute stitches!

The sketch on the left is for a half-face tatoo, of my design, that I put onto our, currently, Lawful Good Paladin. The two stars are positions for symbols of the chaotic evil / misunderstood god Bahamat :)

Said tattooing took place, unsurprisingly, whilst MrC's chap was bloodied, bleeding and sparko on the floor.

The night started with us picking up from where we'd left off and bursting through a door to catch three Gnolls by surprise.

Thier attention was occupied by four of thier pet hyenas baiting a wounded Dire Boar. Having "dealt" with the Gnolls and thier pets MrC decided that said Boar would make a "cool" mount.

Myself and Charlie lept upon the idea egging MrC ever onwards, through barely controlled mirth whilst Rob sniggered uncontrolably into his shoulder.

Despite the DM's tone and general demeanour a barrage of "Animal Friendship" tests followed. By this time we'd encouraged MrC into it's sty and convinced him that all he had to do was "show it who's boss". Law of the jungle and all that!

Thus Mr C found his Paladin bloodied, bleeding and sparko on the floor and I couldn't resist.

Following from this hilarity we knocked off a high priest and the Good characters panelled a Daemon, which was the main point of the adventure.

The other was to have FUN. We did :)

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