Friday, 18 November 2011

Cocked and Loaded....

....or should that be the other way around?

Got another Deadlands session in last night and not a single shot was fired by us or even at us as we went around Investigatin' the sabotage of an experimental, ghost rock powered, mechanical saw mill.

This mainly involved ROLE-playing and some rather satisfying Cthulu-esque Notice and Persuasion roles on locals and Injun's alike. Flattering said redskins with school supplies we chatted to their crazy ol' medicine man for a number of hours before visiting their Sacred Grove, without managing to desecrate it.

Wonders might never cease and seemed unlikely at the beginning of the evening whilst upskilling when Charlie's Mad Scientist with Big Gun added Schizophrenia to his Paranoia only to re-roll the result for something less entertaining.

The sabotage of the second psyco saw-mill, at a rival camp, injected such much missing mayhem providing a number of leads for us to argue over. Next session may well se the conclusion of our mini campaign but I'd definately be keen to play again or even just continue on from where we are!

Elsewhere, I'm off to Warfare tomorrow with Shaun and Craig mainly just cos' its been a while since Salute and I fancy it as a day out. Not looking for anything in particular but always a show I've enjoyed previously so will see what finds me.

Very tempted to put the painted O&G's on the Bring and Buy while I'm there to start the increasingly obvious process of recycling them. Previously I've always priced to sell but with E-Bay as a back up I'm interested to experiment and see what market conditions may or may not support.

Thinking that I'd price at retail, so a free paintjob!, I've hit the GW site for a little research and come back a little shocked;

Boss on Wyvern; £40 in Finecast, mine's metal so £25 is a steal isn't it??
20 Big Uns; would be £51 worth of GW plastic so £40 and they'll fly off the table.....won't they?
3 Wolf Chariots; based on the Orc variant at £16.50 a piece. £12 as singles?
10 Wolf Riders; will now set you back £20.....apparantly.
1 Giant; at £31 in plastic, mine's the old metal version so £20 is a good deal?

So, IF everything goes at my less than retail, except the wolves, fully painted super bargain prices that'll be about £140, after B&B fees, for recycling AND i've apprarantly done my potential purchasers a massive favour.......

No wonder I don't want to play Warhammer any more.... 

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